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How To Find The God

In order to describe “How To Find The God”, I’m going to assume you’re referring to the most talked about God of the King James Bible et al. (aka, KJV)

So, for this site, I will be mostly writing or quoting from the KJV (King James Version) which I believe is the most widely used bible here in America. FYI, I think other relating bibles are just as useful to use, generally speaking.

In How To Find The God, you should first know his correct name. HIS name is Yaweh et al. However, Yaweh has more than one name, such as, God, YHWH, LORD, Jehova, Creator or The Creator, I AM and many more… I use Yaweh in prayer as my research has shown this to be His Most Correct name for me. I also use God a lot because in Mind, it is generally referencing the same thing.

I think I should elaborate a little on Yaweh (and How To Find The God)… You won’t find it mentioned in the KJV bible, but you will find Jehova and several other names for Yaweh. However, that being said, during the time of Jesus, there was no KJV bible and neither did the letter “J” exist (to say it again, the letter “J” did not exist in the Hebrew nor Aramaic alphabet languages, which were the two most spoken languages of Jesus’s (Yeshua) time and area, as well as Greek.)

who is God to Jesus
God says that since man has found it impossible to follow “His Laws” without fault, he decided to send His Only Begotten Son to teach man “The New Testaments”, then scacrafice His Son upon the cross (or tree) by dieing through spilling his blood to clense and make a way for man to be righteous (and not die and go to Hell…) in the sight of God… and this is why you have to go through “The Son” in order to get to “The Father”.

[Joh_14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.]

Therefore one must learn about and get to Jesus by inviting Jesus into his/her life and thank Jesus for being his “redeemer” and dieing on the cross so that one could live, have his name written in “The Book Of Life”, thereby, having everlasting life (live forever).
In a following article, I will tell you exactly what one would recite “to be saved”… Part of it is given in the previous paragraph, however, I will elaborate on this and hopefully simplify the whole process ( because it really is simple…)

I hope that I have shown you “How To Find The God”.