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Yahweh God knows you and indeed he does so! In fact God is “Omniscience” – the capacity to know everything that there is to know.”

As a demonstration, let’s take what I believe is the first instance in the bible where it talks about Yahweh God is being omniscience… (God Knows You!)

The story takes place in “The Garden Of Eden” (the special place Yahweh created and set aside for Adam and Eve to live).

So Eve was walking around admiring the beauty of their home and just generally being happy! When suddenly she found herself in the company of that ol’ serpent… Good day Eve, I am Sahatan Deville and I was just observing you eating of the fruit of the trees but you were not eating of all the fruit you have to your availability.

Oh yes Mr. Sahtan, my Father says that we may eat of the fruit but not of the trees in the midst of the garden[Gen_3:5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil]. Let me guess says Sahtan, for if you eat of the certain trees you will surely die?

Yes, says Eve… But God knows you will not surely die, Satan replied. For your Father knows if you eat of the tree of good and evil, you will become like Him and be as gods, so you see, it would be very good for you to do so (all the while presenting her with the forbidden fruit).

Disobeying her Father, Eve ate of the delicious looking fruit saying, hmmmm this is good, I must hurry back and give some to my husband Adam…

Meanwhile back at the campsite, Adam was happily swinging on some trees (the vines, no less) when Eve rushed to him, husband, you must eat of this tree of good and evil and become knowing as I have. then we will be like our Father! Adam too ate of the fruit and they fell asleep.

God knows all.

Later, they heard Yahweh God calling out to them, Adam, Eve! They both realized they were naked and hurriedly covered themselves with fig leaves, so as the Father not see them naked!(and as if that wasn’t enough, they also tried to hide)

Yahwey God approach them and asked why they were covered with leaves and who told them they were naked and why did you try and hide from me? (Of course, Father God, being omniscience, knew the answer to the questions, even before asking them…)

Adam fesses up and then Eve, each giving their version of why they’d become disobedient to Yahwey God’s both fair and very liberal request (commands).

Yahveh God knows our heart, and they that know their God, agrees He is all knowing God.

OK, so what is the moral of this story? The moral and fact of the matter of this story and all others is God knows you! God is omniscience… which means, “GOD KNOWS YOU!”