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Short Sermons From The Bible

Hello and welcome readers and especially my subscribers… Today I will be talking about Short Sermons from the bible. That is to say, I have picked out some favorite, special, and powerful topics that you can use in your life, starting from today.

2Co 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.


OK, so, once we accept Yeshua (The Christ) Jesus Christ (TM) as our Lord and Savior we are suppose to start trying to walk Righteously and Forget about the old self. We now have a new mind and that mind is Christ-like and we are to try and imitate Christ Jesus and remove our mind and focus from the old fleshly world to this new Spiritual World that contains a new manifestation of the new Spiritual Self.

Remember, you still live in your flesh body which still desires the sin nature of things and so you have to beware of this tug of war between your command to walk righteously and your desire to still be in the old fleshy way of living.

Christ says “old things are passed away; and BEHOLD, all things are become new.” So let’s act like it! You still have your free will and Yahweh God is not going to stop you if you still sometimes want to walk in the flesh (sinfully). It is up to you to want to know God (better), thereby studying His Word that contains his teachings…

You know getting used to being saved is a lot like quitting an unhealthy habit. In the beginning it’s kind of hard but when you hang in there, you start to see some results and this gives you confidence and motivation to keep moving forward until you are finally happy with the results you have attained.

If you recently or just got “saved”, you may not have some dramatic manifestation but trust in The Word and the hundreds of millions of testimony… You are new and God now sees you through our grace blessing and sacrifice, when Jesus shed His blood upon The Cross (or Tree) which washed away all of our sins, old and new!

Thank You for visiting and I invite you to come back soon as we talk about being in the midst of trouble and how Yahweh God will revive you and a whole lots more!

Thanks again for enjoying “Short Sermons From The Bible!”