How To Get Saved Part I

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What is getting saved..? What does it mean?

how to know God
Well we first must understand that when Yahweh (GOD) first created man “in The Garden Of Eden”, HE placed them. Yahweh made man and woman and gave them everything they could possibly desire (almost). He placed them in a special place to live on Earth and this was The Garden.
Yahweh name he, Adam and later the woman was named Eve. Yahweh told them they could have anything they wanted from The Garden but he instructed them not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for if you do, you will surely die.
One day, in The Garden, the serpent (that ol Devil) ran into Eve. She was alone and the serpent tricked her into desiring to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. For if she (they) did, she would not die and she (they) would know what God knows and they would be as gods themselves. Eve ate of the tree.
Later she told Adam and he ate of the forbidden tree, as well. Of all the knowledge they gained, they realized that they both were naked and so thy used fig leaves to cover themselves. Later God came looking for them in The Garden and when He found them, He saw that they were covered (therefore knowing that they must have eaten of The Tree, in order to realize they were naked and furthermore even care that they were). God asked if they had eaten of The Tree which they admitted they had.
Yahveh punished them for disobeying by cursing them… Man would now have to toil the land and scratch and dig for his livelihood and Woman would be stricken with pains during birth into this world.

Of this period of time and notations, this is known as “The Fall From Grace”.

FYI: This story takes place in ‘The Old Testament” of the bible, early, in Genesis (Gen:2 and Gen:3). There you can read it word for word as God said it. I paraphrased the story thereby, making the story short but still cover the basic knowledge I wanted to share with you, so everyone would have a working knowledge of the past, so that I could proceed with the rest of the story, that is the title of this story, and that is “How To Get Saved.”
You see, you first needed to understand that you had lost something (immortality and a very easy going life, just to name a few…)
During the Old Testament, man was known as being “Under The Law”. Man had to try and be righteous under The Law by following God’s Commandments. Man did a very bad job at this. Why, “Free Will! (God loved us so much that He even gave us the free will to follow his commandments or not)
You see God first loved us and now he asked for us to love Him and follow his simple commandments. It is said that at man’s best, we were but “filthy rags” before God and stood no chance of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven, after we die.
God had destroyed This World once by flood and He vowed to never do that to man again, however man kept worshiping other gods, and time after time man would forsake God but God would always forgive man and give him another chance. God was at times were tempted to destroy man again and start over, as He did with The Flood!
However, Yahveh love us so much that he decided to come Himself and teach us “How To Get Saved”. He would do this by sending “His Only Begotten Son” (The Christ, Jesus!), the Second Person of The Trinity Of God) [ You see, there’s God The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost (The Holy Spirit)].

Learn how to know Jesus and how to know God.
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