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I will share with you many wonderful revelations and secrets that the bible holds! Many of these secrets took years to learn and discover. Everything is simple but not always easily understood to the layman, for what ever reason…

Since this blog is dedicated to my Father God Yahweh, my Lord and Savior Jesus (Yeshua) Christ and the Holy Spirit, I will endeavor to build the best blog of this kind.

It is my hope that we all together, can build a community of like minded peoples and ultimately grow into some kind of question and answer in the bible home church.

Who is God and Who is Jesus

Did you know that God create miracles EVERYDAY and “The Church” will testify to this (when you are saved you are automatically a member of “The Church”). There are many, many wonderful things about God and the bible (I mostly refer to The King James Version).

Soon I plan to add a modern day top information up to date news, on the sideline so that you can visit my site and stay longer and enjoy the latest and greatest, right here! Don’t worry, this will not affect the viewing and learning pleasure of the site. It was just a nice thought that I thought I would provide this to you, my readers.

Well as you can see (to your right), I’ve added the news feed that I spoke about in the above paragraph. It’s light reading but informative and it is unobtrusive. However, be aware that clicking links will take you away from this site and I do not have any control of the information you might see (read or hear) and therefore can not support it, but I can make it available so that you can decide for yourself and hopefully enjoy a variety of question and answer from the bible.

This website is about furnishing you information and helping to understand that information. This site is also designed to attract the laymen type person and those who may get left out through traditional on and offline means.

I endeavor to provide you the quality information (based on The Word) that will help you discover, as I have done, the truth, wisdom, freedom, support, love and much, much more that awaits the serious student.

The Bible is a book of depth and will require some effort on your part to discover it’s mysteries, wisdom’s and truths just waiting for you to uncover.

In the mean time, Yahweh God, Yeshua Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit is always available to you every second of every moment in the day.

Here’s what I suggest you do (until I get the video up), visit the two articles I wrote (Part I and Part 2 on How To Get Saved.) Read and follow the suggested instructions, become saved or initiated in the Faith, then ask Yahweh God to reveal Himself to you. Be patient (as our God is a patient God and has waited all this time for you…) I GUARANTY you will be pleasantly surprised and your belief and faith will soar like an eagle on high!

Stay Tuned… there’s much, much more to come!

Thanks for visiting “Question And Answer In The Bible!”















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