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I started this blog out of my desire to help fulfill “The Great Commission!” (if you don’t know what that is, you will certainly discover what that’s about here, as well as many of the truth, secrets and mysteries of the bible). That and what I feel is sort of a covenant with The Lord and I.

The Bible is a very interesting book but to many it doesn’t appear to be that way. However, once you make a comment to The LORD God Yahweh and His teachings (Question And Answers From The Bible), something mysterious and wonderful will start to happen to and for you.

To really understand all the wonderful teachings in The Bible, we sometimes need to reach out for help. Some people do this by attending a church, reading and research and or visiting the many kinds of websites and blogs available.



What I’ve discovered and many others (by the millions…) alike is that The Word (meaning God’s Word) is Truth and can stand on it’s own merits, along with the billions of witnesses and testimony from personal experience.

People say well, how do you know The Word is for real. The answer to this is simple… You must simply be willing to take a leap of faith and say I’m going to give God Yahweh and The Bible the benefit of the doubt (that you have).

Then you begin to build a personal relationship with God (The Lord and The Holy Spirit). You can then talk to God Yahweh yourself, without any middle man, and ask God to reveal Himself to you through The Holy Spirit! If you are a serious seeker, with a little patience (I say a little patience but sometimes it’s immediately), God Yahweh WILL reveal Himself to you.

God will reveal Himself to you in a personal and unique way as we are all not the same… You will become a witness to His Holiness and a true believer in His Word.

I am simply one of His Children, spreading The Word in my own unique way but always teaching from The Scripture, which is God’s Holy message and teachings to us.

I invite you to take a leap of faith, journey with me and this blog and I will endeavor to help you discover the God that is smiling and waiting for you!

It’s really hard (next to impossible) to discover just how Great God Yahweh really is until you take the plunge and began your own personal journey.

I for one have witnessed God’s Awesome Power in my life and the lives of others. I’ve witness so many miracles and am a better person because of HIM.

Thank you for visiting “Question And Answer In The Bible!” and you are welcome here!”

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